April 18, 2011

I e-filed my federal and South Carolina state taxes last Thursday, no problem.  My North Carolina taxes got kicked back.  Three times.  I spent several hours today trying to figure out what was wrong, but couldn’t.  Ran up to the nearest H&R Block office, where I was told to call the 800 number.  Called the 800 number, spent an hour on the phone with a woman who walked through the entries I made, then couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  “Sorry,” she said.  I imagine she shrugged her shoulders.

The North Carolina tax forms, especially if you have a tax credit for paying taxes to another state, are the most f-ed up forms I have ever dealt with.  Others agree with me.

At the end of the day, I filed for an extension.  And I’m not touching them again for at least a week.


One response to “…NOT

  1. When you are ready to tackle the NC issues, please email us for further assistance. Please include the case number from your original call and a summary of the situation. Thanks

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