…for so many things

February 3, 2011

Truly, I am about bursting with happiness today, which is such a nice change from yesterday, when I was really struggling.  So, what am I happy about today?

I’m happy I found the most perfect new teacup.  Technically, it’s not a teacup, it’s a soup bowl, but it’s still smaller than all the mugs I have.  But here’s what’s great about it – it is very similar to my Grandmother’s china, which I want (and my mother won’t give up), so until I get it, I have this lovely reminder.

I’m happy that the GOP caved and decided that “forcible” shouldn’t be a qualifier for rape.

I’m happy that I’ve been asked to do a guest blog!  How cool is that?  Makes a girl feel special.

I’m happy that it was a really good day.


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