…for sunscreen

May 30, 2011

Sunscreen allows very pale girls like me (red hair, freckles) to enjoy 7 hours on a boat and not get (too badly) burnt.


…for Holiday Mondays

May 29, 2011

Yes, any long weekend is great, but there’s something special about having a Monday off.  It’s that moment on Sunday when you sigh and think, “I have to go back to work tomorrow…wait, NO I DON’T!  WOOHOO!”

…for “drive in” movies

May 28, 2011


The local drive in movie theater is not open yet for the season (actually a little worried it’s closed down for good), so friends decided to break out the projector and have their own drive in movie on the back deck.  We watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which I had never seen, and let me tell you – watching it outside was AWESOME!  Good times…

…my tastebuds have changed

May 25, 2011

When I was younger, I was a super picky eater.  Pretty much every meal had corn, because that’s the only vegetable I would eat.

Tonight I was chopping tomatoes for tacos, and decided I had too much.  So I set a couple of slices aside, crumbled some goat cheese, and poured on some balsamic vinegar.  HEAVEN.  And I suddenly felt very sorry for my mother, and all those years she had to cater to my juvenile tastebuds.